Each registered student shall be assigned at least one but not more than two supervisors with support provided by a Research Advisory Team appointed by the Chair of the Graduate School.

Under special circumstances, persons who are external to the University, may be appointed as supervisors or members of Research Advisory Team to guide students’ research. Such persons must possess at least a Ph.D. degree from a recognized University and have a minimum of post qualification five years research experience good records of research publications


Role of Research Advisory Team:

  • To make recommendation related to research programme infrastructure
  • To nominate research supervisors based on specific area of research
  • Review of progress of the Research programme
  • To make recommendations on developing mechanisms to ensure more effective integration and translation of research programme
  • To identify and evaluate areas for strategic collaborations


University of Guyana - Supervisors Staff 


Research Interest


PhD/MPhil Students


PhD/MPhil Students

Prof. Abdullah Ansari

Vermitechnology, soil biology and ecology, land reclamation, organic farming, organic solid waste management, earthworm taxonomy, soil microbiology and environmental pollution.

  1. Rajini Kurup
  2. Elford Liverpol


Dr. Elroy Charles


Insect-plant interactions

Biodiversity and host-specificity



Tropical forest canopies


Arthropod conservation


  1. Donna Morrison
  2. Dane Hartley
  3. Kaye McAllister

Sherena Persaud

Prof. Judith Rosales

Phytosociology, Ethnobotany, Phytogeography, Wetlands, Riparian Vegetation, Restoration, Riparian flooded forests, Savannas

  1. Cecil Boston
  2. Gregory Hodge
  3. Susy Lewis


  1. Cecil Boston
  2. Louisa Daggers
  3. Shardy Giddins


Dr. Pauline Bullen


  1. Shardy Giddins


Dr. Temitope Oyedotun

Coastal Geomorphological Processes and Water Resources Management, Environmental GIS


  1. Gregory Hodge


Dr. Melissa Ifill



  1. Collin Henry

Dr. Thomas Singh

Green Economy, Policy

  1. Collin Henry


Prof. Gomathinayagam Subramanian

Plant Pathology, Biological Control, Soil Microbiology and Molecular biology,

Mushroom Cultivation, Antimicrobial activities

  1. Sherena Persaud


Dr. Lawrence Lewis

Restoration, Reclamation. Forest Biomass and Carbon stocks in tropical forest (Guyana)



Prof.  Raymond Jagessar

1.Phytochemical and elemental analyses of plant extracts and their antimicrobial studies.
2.Water Chemistry
3.Renewable Energy (Bio-ethanol production).



Dr. Priya Maharaj

Terrestrial and aquatic insects but heavily focuses on neo-tropical butterflies where she has investigated diversity, behavior, genetics, physiology and ecology of many local species. Some of her most recent publications include foraging behaviors of passionflower butterflies at Sweet Sage and the influence of preexisting biases on foraging in bumblebees.



Dr. Paulette Bynoe

Environmental education and awareness and training

Climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction (focus on local communities and gender)

Food security

Environmental and natural resource policy

Sustainable rural livelihoods



Dr. Patrick Chesney

Tropical Agroforestry (CATIE/University of Goettingen) & 
Horticulture (UPR-Mayaguez) Specialist.

17. Seon Hamer


Prof. Bitt Tewari

Soil and Water Chemistry

Metals, remediation,



Prof.  Leyland Lucas

Green Economy, Green Marketing



Dr. Mohamad Sadik

Animal nutrition



Dr. Patsy Francis

Animal Nutrition and Microbiology



Dr. Leslie Simpson

- Management of degraded soils

- Management of Problem soils in Guyana and the Caribbean

- Soil and water management in relation to projected future climate in the Caribbean as a result of global warming

- Organic Farming



Dr. Mark Bynoe

Ecosystem Services

Biodiversity valuation



Dr. Dawn Cox

Converting of  local materials, especially waste materials, into value-added materials to solve environmental problems



Dr. Vicent Raja

Statistics, bivariate distribution modelling